With 1C:Enterprise Platform

      Build business management solutions in Horeca, Retail, Manufacture, Logistic, Finance and other industries.
      Automate wide range of business tasks (ERP, EAM, CRM, CPM, WMS, etc.)

      Choose one fast and easy-to-learn platform to build and continuously improve Desktop, Cloud, Web and Mobile apps that enable innovation on a business scale
      Use the open business logic (open-source code) to better understand and customize business processes
      Harness the built-in set of tools and templates for the rapid low-code development, deployment, and support of applied solutions that automate business processes
      Create dazzling data visualizations and insightful dashboards in minutes using integrated BI tools
      Apply in-depth data access control and flexible configuration for user rights and permission sets
      Experience flexible integration through web services (HTTP, REST, and SOAP), data exchange (JSON and XML), API (oData), and more
      Implement your preferred architecture: Windows/Linux/Mac, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, and Oracle Database
      Enjoy its cross-platform design. The core system runs on Windows and Linux. The client-side application runs on Windows, Linux, MacOS, and iOS/Android

      Learn more about 1C:Enterprise

      1C:Enterprise platform has been deployed in 95+ countries across 5 continents

      1.5 mln+
      organizations employ 1C:Enterprise
      on a daily basis
      5 mln+
      users in business and
      public institutions
      partners create, deploy and support
      solutions based on 1C:Enterprise
      apps created on 1C:Enterprise,
      a business application platform
      700 k+
      projects resulting
      in satisfied customers

      Grow your business and experience
      in business automation with 1C:Enterprise

      Learn & Plan

      You can easy get and learn 1C:Enterprise in weeks. Our experts are available to guide you through all stages of learning and planning. You will be equipped with latest technologies and tools, access to a wide knowledge base and best practices.

      Create & Build

      1C:Enterprise is the rapid business application development platform helping to deliver apps and services to the market faster than other platforms. App operates in the cloud and/or on-premise and based on Windows, Linuх, MacOS, iOS, Android.

      Go to market & Sell

      We will work with you to develop a "go-to-market" campaign, help with a lead generation and pilot projects, market research. You can participate in marketing campaigns, webinars. Have technical and business vendor support.

      Daniel Boangiu
      Smart ID

      "We consider that it's a very reliable platform. It has a lot of advantages paring with writing business management applications from scratch. We are happy with this approach. We'll definitely remend other solution providers to develop business automation solutions on 1C platform."

      Kurt Kunselman

      "What I've seen so far is that 1C:Enterprise platform is one of the best rapid development platforms. There's no problem that can't be solved so far."

      Alexander Evchenko

      "1C:Enterprise is an up-to-date platform to digitalize?all business processes of a pany due to its flexibility and scalability."


      Aug 05, 2021
      From the 9th to the 12th of August 2021, the contestants will have to demonstrate their skills to develop business applications in the 1C:Enterprise platform.

      Jul 28, 2021

      The Results of the Second Stage of 1С Skills Camp 2021 Have Been Summed Up!

      Jun 17, 2021
      We improved the previous version 8.3.19, fixed bugs, and added new cool features.
      Jun 10, 2021

      The Results of the 1С Skills Camp Junior Developer Phase Have Been Summed Up!

      Be the first to know tips & tricks on business application development!

      A confirmation e-mail has been sent to the e-mail address you provided .

      Click the link in the e-mail to confirm and activate the subscription.

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